About Jessica

linked in photoWell hello there!

My name is Jessica. I feel like every other blog “about me” that I’ve read is cute so I’m not entirely sure how mine is going to compare to all of that adorableness. But here we go.

Where to start?

A few things have always come naturally to me: Sports, eating ice cream, and knowing every line of Dumb and Dumb by memory.  Hah, but really,  I’ve always been this strange combination of a sporty- goofy, creative with a love of humanity.

Buttttttt let’s back up a little. When I was in the 7th grade, I had a very powerful encounter with the spirit of God that completely changed my life. Since that day, I felt like I was marked. Almost as if God stuck a permanent sticker on my forehead. I sound crazy, I know. (That’s okay, I’ve accepted it). Anyways, holding onto my faith as I got older wasn’t so easy.  My mom died in my teens, I moved across the country alone, and I experienced some very traumatic events that nearly broke me.  In fact, I even declared myself an atheist at one point. All of this to say, it all drove me back to the foot of the cross.

When I recommitted my life to God, I rejected my call to ministry. I buried God under the expectations and opinions of others.  My conversations with God regularly included chats about how ministry can’t be for me because I should be *X,Y, or Z* . Yet when I closed my eyes – ministry is all my heart yearned for.  Meanwhile, I would instead tirelessly pursue other ideals to exhaustion.

I knew I couldn’t keep that up for long. I felt God chasing me down. So I began to pray my prayers differently. Instead of it to be to grant me what I thought I wanted,  I asked for him to change my heart so I could want what he wanted.

After countless attempts at trying to outrun God –  I surrendered.  And here I am.

I am thankful for the darkness in my life, for every painful moment, every right turn and every wrong turn. But I am equally ready to use my strengths and gifts for God’s glory.  Although I don’t really know where this will lead (which is scary, but that’s what faith is right?)  and though I have SO much to learn on my own walk with Jesus –  my hope is that we can walk together.  My prayer is that I can inspire you on the reg, make you laugh like crazy,  share creative content and videos and help you experience God’s word and learn right along side of me.

I invite you to join me on this crazy journey because I think we’re meant to do this together. You better believe I have strange things to say, love to spread, and Jesus to share.

“I was chasing meaning – and found surrender. And I can tell you that meaning follows surrender.” – Tiffini- House of Belonging