Reap what you sow.

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It’s not just karma. It’s not a figment of your imagination. It’s not a game that should be tampered with.

Your actions and the things that happen in result of them are directly related because that’s simply how the world works.

“Why doesn’t anything good happen to me?” “Why don’t I have any friends?” “Why do so many people dislike me?”  Have you ever considered for a moment that the reason you’re having so many problems is because the source of the problems might be you? I know that’s a harsh statement. But, if your relationships are falling apart, if you can’t seem to hold a job, if things seem to be slipping away left and right… perhaps the answer is in the mirror.

My pastor spoke a message on this the other day – reaping and sowing. Whatever we sow into the world, be it good or bad- that is exactly what we are going to get in return.

Let’s think for a moment. Why do farmers plant their seed? Because they expect to harvest a great deal more than they sow. A single seed that sprouts can yield dozens, or even hundreds of seeds. It’s the same way with our actions—a small decision to do either good or bad reaps a much bigger crop…  or consequence. Apple seed = apple tree. Now whether that’s good or bad to you, that depends on what that seed meant to you when you planted it.

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So what do I mean exactly? Every action you do sows a seed. Are you kind or are you cruel to everyone you meet? Those are two different seeds right there. You can’t beg for a “good man” if you’re not working to be a respectable woman. You can’t plant an apple tree hoping for oranges because darling, you are going to get exactly what you planted. So why are you acting so surprised when your shit hit the fan when your harvest came?

It can be easy to be deceived. I understand that.  Sometimes, the present seed doesn’t produce an immediate crop. In certain cases, we continue down a bad course, mistakenly believing that there might not ever be a harvest. Unlike crops of the field which get harvested around the same time each year.. there is no regular timetable for our lives. Some crops we reap quickly; others take a long time. However, don’t be deceived, little one — I promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt, their season will come and the result may not be pretty.

Don’t get me wrong. None of this is to say that just because you planted something good- that good will be the only thing that comes to you. Your harvest might not be very fruitful. Someone might try to ruin your crops. Things go wrong. Timing might be off. But what do you do? You try again.

Our harvest of blessing is determined by our actions. Not our intentions.

Sure, maybe you intended on being a faithful boyfriend. Maybe you intended on volunteering. You intended on helping your friend. You intended this and you intended that. Well that’s real cool and all but if you never actually act on those things- what does it matter? Others can’t see your intentions through the other side of the window. They only see you. Your actions are all they have to work with. Your actions are all they can judge you by. So if you intended on supporting your buddy at his performance but ended up at the bar instead- ultimately, you still ended up at the bar. What is going to matter to him? What you chose to do. Where you ended up. Your action.

When it comes down to it- if you sow seeds of laziness, deception, unkindness, lies – keep in mind what your harvest could look like. Even if it doesn’t sprout immediately. If you’re not putting in the extra effort at work, you’re not going to get promoted. If you’re not being a friend, it will be hard to keep one. You cannot expect people to be kind to you, if you’re not kind to them. You cannot expect the world to do you favors if you’re being selfish.  Lucky for us, it works both ways. If you can keep sowing positive seeds, you will get that back tenfold. Cause… and effect.

Where are the problem areas in your life?

  • Work
  • Family life
  • Friends
  • School
  • Finances

Wherever your problems lie, it’s never too late to plant something new.  It’s more than just treating others how you want to be treated. It’s about determining how you want the rest of your life to look like. YOU determine how blessed you are.

What kind of life do you want to lead?

– Jessica Rose